Set Up (2013): A documentary about Bilge, a recovering heroin addict and his battle to come to terms with his family as he leaves Istanbul behind on his path to recovery.

I Occupied: The Gezi Park Protests (2013): A documentary about my personal experience during the Gezi Park Protests in Istanbul during the summer of 2013.

The Short Anatomy of a Murder (2011): A short fiction film about a woman trying to rid herself of a man but nonetheless being haunted by him.

Ince (2011): A documentary about a successful Turkish businessman living in Bulgaria.
A Happy Turk in Croatia: A documentary about a Christian Turk married to a Muslim Croat, living in Zagreb.  

Self-Created Sex (2008): A documentary on alternative sexuality in the queer community of Queen’s University. 

Steps to Vogue (2007): A documentary about the student-run charity fashion show Vogue through the story of Melissa, one of the dancers in the show. 

Perspective Senegal (2006): A documentary on the center Perspective Senegal, dealing with street kids in Dakar, Senegal.